Capitalism Cannot Exist Without Gender Oppression

DSA Refoundation has updated its Points of Unity to include strengthened Socialist – Feminist principles. The updated point is below.

We are socialist feminists fighting for a world without cis-heteropatriarchy and all forms of gender based oppression that capitalism depends on to divide the working class, including: sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, transmisogyny, and anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment. We see feminist struggles and struggles for queer liberation as intrinsically linked and recognize that gender oppression does not act in isolation but intersects with other systems of marginalization to super-exploit the affective, reproductive, and productive labor of working class people. Capitalism cannot exist without gender oppression; it relies on the unpaid labor that women have historically performed, and that women, queer people, and trans people continue to carry out. The material conditions for gender, queer, and sexual liberation will not exist unless a workers’ revolution dismantles capitalism and builds a radically democratic society based on the principles of socialism-from-below.


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