DSA Spark joins Refoundation, unifying under one caucus

The two DSA caucuses Refoundation and Spark are happy to announce that we have decided to join in a unified effort as a single caucus under the banner of DSA Refoundation.

Refoundation will benefit from the sharp insight, strategic seriousness, and independent initiative that the Spark comrades will bring to our caucus, and Refoundation couldn’t be more proud to have them join and improve our already significant and expanding membership.

We come from different historical backgrounds, with Spark being specifically informed by thinkers such as Kautsky and Mike MacNair. However, material conditions have led us to converge on practical conclusions. For example, we don’t have to agree on the precise nature of the Soviet Union to see that the Democrats are not a viable path to socialist power.

We all agree that programmatic unity takes precedent over narrow theoretical unity where the theoretical disagreements lead us to the same conclusions.

Spark hopes to add to an otherwise excellent Refoundation platform a commitment to internal DSA reforms including recall and term limits for officers, as well as prompt transcription of NPC meetings, and many other robust internal reforms. Likewise, Refoundation is thrilled to work with all members in an ongoing deliberative democratic process to improve our analysis and practice.

We think a solid and vivid revolutionary socialist vision is necessary for DSA’s success, as is a strong left-wing within the group that can push the organization in that direction. We are excited to continue this work without the redundancy of separate caucuses.

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