Statement on Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

We, the members of DSA Refoundation, denounce the recent declaration by the President of the United States naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and reject the intention of the US government to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We condemn Israel, and the US government’s collusion with it, for its policy of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Territories of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank; its racial discrimination against Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel; its denial of the right of return to the more than 5 million refugees and millions more in the Palestinian diaspora; and, its systematic torture, imprisonment, murder and maiming of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

Now, more than ever, is the time for action. DSA Refoundation renews its support for BDS as part of a mass, international and Palestinian-led movement to delegitimize Israel’s apartheid regime and fight for a free Palestine. We call on all DSA chapters and DSA nationally to throw themselves into the work of Palestinian solidarity actively linking arms, co-sponsoring, and co-organizing with any and all groups, protests, actions, and events that are coming out against this disastrous move. DSA comrades, placards, banners, and fliers should be a visible component at all Palestinian solidarity demonstrations. DSA comrades must be integral parts of all solidarity coalitions and organizing. It is only then that we will show that our BDS resolution and commitment to anti-colonial movements are not just words, but guides to action.

القدس عاصمة فلسطين

Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine!

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