Refoundation Statement in Opposition to Any US Military Action in Syria

We, the members of DSA Refoundation, oppose any and all direct or indirect military action by the United States of America in Syria. We are anti-imperialists; we see the fight for socialism as an international one. Any war launched by the ruling class is bound to make the world more dangerous, dictatorial, and chaotic. We live today in a permanent state of war that props up the capitalist world economy, sustaining profits for the wealthy while destroying the lives of innocent people at home and abroad. We must unite against nationalism, white supremacy, Islamophobia, racism, and all other tools of the state that pit the workers of the world against one another. The phrase “workers of the world unite” is as relevant as it was when written 150 years ago and is the only way toward a worthwhile future.

We oppose and condemn military action in Syria by the U.S., all other foreign powers, and the Syrian ruling class. The violent repression of protest and reform movements by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has brutally fractured the Syrian working class. Foreign intervention by forces allied to Assad, as well as other regional and global powers seeking to exploit the situation, has been persistent throughout the Syrian conflict. As socialists based in the United States, it is imperative that we focus our opposition on the actions of the US military. We have a duty to oppose all US imperial interventions abroad.

With the recent NATO-led air strikes on Syria, it is past time for socialists to voice their opposition. Far from being an isolated act of aggression, the recent bombings are only one part of a broader imperialist project spanning not only the U.S. and its Western allies’ renewed assault on Syria but also Saudi Arabia’s genocidal bombing campaign in Yemen and Israel’s occupation of Palestine and policy of ethnic cleansing. As principled anti-imperialists, we oppose these with equal vigor, and understand them as fronts in the same regional, and global, struggle. We must also emphasize that U.S. imperialism is a bipartisan project, with both major U.S. parties fully committed to feeding the profits of the U.S. capitalist class with the blood of the world proletariat.

We call on all DSA chapters and DSA nationally to oppose and condemn any military action by the United States in Syria, and to work in coalition with other anti-war activists and organizations to rebuild the anti-war movement and say with one voice: No War on Syria! No to U.S and Russian imperialism!

2 thoughts on “Refoundation Statement in Opposition to Any US Military Action in Syria

  1. gilbertfeliciano May 30, 2018 — 9:06 pm

    Why is Israel not mentioned? The brutal criminal state is instigating and actively attacking Syria while defending and nursing ISIS, just saying ?


  2. gilbertfeliciano May 30, 2018 — 9:09 pm

    Mentioned regards to attacks on Syria.


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